Footages from live performance @ Düsseldorf Festival – 28.09.2017 created & conducted by Massimiliano Toni L’Arte del Mondo barockorchester Werner Ehrhard, artistic director, conductor baRock Band Kristyan Adam, Orfeo Natalia Rubis, Euridice/Ninfa Francesca Lombardi Mazzulli, Messaggera/Speranza/Proserpina Federico Sacchi, Caronte/Plutone Jorge Juan Morata, Pastore/Spirito


Listen and download our podcast about Orfeo 2.0 a baRock opera (German)

Pictures from the show

Bayer Kultur Haus 23/09/2017 – Duesseldorf Festival 28/09/2017 photo credits:  


Press review in PDF: Orfeo_1.10.17_DLF Orfeo_Düsseldorf_RP Orfeo_Leverkusen23.9.17_RP Orfeo_O-Ton_Leverkusen_Siepmann_170923 Direct links: “read here RP on line” Leverkusen: Orpheus rockt “read here RP on line” Düsseldorf Orfeo 2.0 auf dem Burgplatz “read here Deutschlandfunk” Orfeo 2.0