Audio samples

Our Demo recording features “Rosa del Ciel” and “Vi Ricorda o Boschi Ombrosi” that are the two most important arias that the protagonist of Orfeo a baRock opera sings prior to the death of his beloved Euridice, before he crosses the doors of the Underworld, attempting to rescue her.
The inspiration for Orfeo a baRock opera springs from Monteverdi’s creative power and from the powerful relationship between the melody and the lyrics: the “Recitar Cantando”.
A contemporary orchestration and an arrangement closer to the musical production of the last sixty years do not enhance the distance between us and the original Orfeo; they rather make it smaller, suggesting musical bridges that span across the history of music, creating an ever-present, extraordinary, moment of contemporary music.
In my opinion, the modal, pinkfloyd-like, melody in Rosa del Ciel, as well as the pentatonic synthesizer solo paired with the original melody of Vi Ricorda o Boschi Ombrosi, played by an electrick guitar, are two clear examples.

Rosa del ciel


Vi ricorda o boschi ombrosi